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Read below for the most commonly asked questions we have gotten over the years. We think these questions and answers will help you in preparing for your fishing or sightseeing charter! Please review our Terms and Conditions before booking. 

What is the Cancelation Policy?

A $300 deposit is required for all trips. If you cancel the trip within 48 hours of the date you will forfeit the entire deposit. Cancelations between 49 hours and seven days will result in a credit being applied to a future trip, and cancelations more than seven days will result in a full refund to the client. 


Are We Guaranteed To Catch Fish?

No, but we want everyone on our boat to catch fish. Your trip is planned out

with some of our best spots according to what fish you want to catch.

Can We Keep Our Fish That We Catch?

Yes of course. If it is legal and within California State Limits. You can keep your catch. We will even prepare it for you by fileting the fish and putting it in zip lock bags. We DO NOT over harvest on our trips.

Will There Be Hidden Fuel Surcharges?



Are There Bathrooms On The Boats?

Yes. We have a semi private toilet and a fresh water sink to wash your hands.


Do I Have To Tip The Crew?

Yes, only if you had a good time. It is customary to tip the captain or guide 15 - 20% of the trip fare. If you do not tip we will assume you had a bad experience and will be calling to find out why you were unhappy with our services. This is a huge part of our quality control.

Can We Extend Our Fishing Charter While Out There?

Yes, IF we have availability. Let your captain know as soon as possible if you want to extend your trip.


What If It Rains And We Are Booked To Go Out?

We do not want to take anybody out inclement weather. If it is raining the morning of your trip, we will certainly talk to each other on the phone. Look at the weather radar and make our decision from there. If there is a small craft advisory I will refund the deposit.

What If We Do Not Show Up And Do Not Call?

We charge you in full.


How Many People Will Be On The Boat Charter?

With Up to 6 is allowed on our boat. Please do not bring more than the number of persons you stated when you booked your trip with us. Boat is most comfortable with 4 large fishermen. A perfect 6 person crew would be two parents 3 kids and an in-law.


Is There Anything We Should Bring?

Everything you will need for a great fishing trip is provided. But ALL persons over 16 must buy a license online or at a local tackle shop. No exceptions. We do not include food and drinks, again we do understand tourist may not be able to go food shopping. In that case make sure to contact us to make food/drink arrangements You do want to bring sunblock, sun glasses, and a hat and are welcome to bring your own rod/reel/tackle if you’d like. 


Are Kids Allowed on the Boat?

Of course. That is why our name is Ronin Family Fishing. There is nothing better than seeing a young kid catching their first big fish! We provide safety equipment.


We only have a couple of people, can we share a charter with another group?

We have tried to arrange split charters in the past and 90% of the time, they did not work out. With split charters, you always have the risk of the other party canceling last minute and ruining your plans. You also have the chance of being paired with a group that has different goals and idea of fun than you. And, you might run into a situation where the other group is fighting a fish of a lifetime for a couple of hours and you get to sit and watch. Since we have encountered these situations while running split trips, we have decided to focus only on private charters. This allows us to provide you the best service that we can to make it an experience of a lifetime! Feel free to book a private charter even by yourself, that means that you get to catch ALL of the fish.


Will we have live bait?


We always provide the best bait for the fishing style that is providing the most action at the time. Some times that means live bait, some times that means dead bait, some times that means artificial bait. Most of the live bait only stays lively for 5 or 6 hours so we cannot purchase it ahead of time. The reason we have to purchase bait during your charter is that the bait needs to be as fresh and lively as possible. Old and nearly dead bait does not catch fish as well as lively bait. Half day bay trips don’t include live bait. But can be purchased for an additional $55.


Will the crew help/teach us if we are beginners?

Definitely! The crew dedicated to helping you have the best trip possible. We welcome beginners and the crew has a lot of experience helping new anglers. The crew will help you rig up your gear and they are always around to answer your questions. Keep in mind that the crew is responsible for every angler on the boat, so they may not be able to stay with you for the entirety of the trip, but you will be well taken care of.


What’s your cancellation policy?

We require 48 hours notice prior to the departure of the trip for you to be refunded. Any refund issues will have a 3.5% credit card processing fee deducted. Alternatively, if you would like to roll your deposit over to a floating deposit to be used at a later date there will be no fee. If you cancel within the 48 hour window, you could lose your security deposit, but give us a call and we will try and work with you to fill your spot and get you a refund. When in doubt give us a call.

Now that Marijuana is legal, can I smoke on your boats?

Marijuana despite it's legality is not allowed on our boats due to Coast Guard regulations. Please leave any Marijuana at home. Sorry

Can I bring my own food & cooler?

You must bring your own food and drinks. Unless prior arrangements are made. I do understand it is hard for some tourists staying in hotels to go food shopping. Please bring a soft cooler and not a large hard cooler...


Is the price of the charter for each person or for the whole group?

charter prices are for the whole boat. 




Contact us at (858)-829-8659 or email us for additional information.​​​

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